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2023 Togg CES Vision

Welcome to Togg’s “Digital Mobility Garden,” a place to explore an optimistic, sustainable and connected mobility future. Empowered by Trumore, Trugo and Siro, we take you on a journey beyond present reality into our brighter vision for the future. The four experience pillars in the “Digital Mobility Garden” have been designed to immerse you in an unforgettable experience—let’s embark together and enjoy.

We begin with a sensory choose-your-own-adventure. Beyond-X offers our guests an immersive hybrid experience that transforms your reality through your senses. Depending on how you’re feeling, Beyond-X will take you into an environment that best suits you at that moment. From ambling through the magical “Forest” to exploring the extraterrestrial “Saturn,” we can guarantee you will go on an unforgettable journey that opens your mind to an optimistic mobility future.

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Experience what life will look like with Trumore. Trumore creates personalized experiences in everyday life through Smart Products such as Go.More, Earn.More and Play.More. These programs all serve different functions but work together to enhance and assist your life through Blockchain, AI and IoT technologies—in other words, they facilitate Smart Living experiences. In this experience, users can simulate a road trip and see how Trumore works seamlessly, creating joyful moments and saving time along the way.

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Togg focuses on creating the most efficient and comfortable smart charging experiences for their users before, during and after the actual charge time—all while remaining environmentally friendly with clean energy. Channeling this clean energy approach, Trugo and Siro have partnered up to build an ecosystem that covers energy production, storage and distribution. Our Clean Energy Solutions are at the heart of the ecosystem that empowers users to trade, share or donate their personal energy with others. And best of all: Blockchain technology makes this happen with zero hassle for our users. This pillar is our contribution to a decentralized energy system that will unlock a sustainable and empowered energy future.

 Contribute to a sustainable future by planting a seed

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Self-Ai is an experience based on Togg users’ preferences and enriched with Togg AI technology. This technology creates a digital twin that represents you. This digital twin then serves as your guide through Togg’s customizable well-being programs. Have fun with your digital twin, and let us help you discover how AI can uniquely and joyfully support your well-being and lifestyle.

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Togg Digital Mobility Garden – CES’23