Let’s create significant transformations with small steps!

Here at Togg, our priority is sustainability.

We are here to create innovative solutions compatible with nature. Now nature will heal with the help of technology. You, too, can be a part of this transformation.

We invite you to support clean energy transformations by choosing a tree for us to plant.

With ecoDrones, we sprinkle the seeds prepared by women living in regions negatively affected by climate change. Togg and ecording will plant your seed of choice and send you e-mails tracking their progress.

Togg’ether, we can create significant transformations with small steps!

The climate is alarming!

The report, to which more than 800 scientists contributed and on which IPCC member countries, including Türkiye, reached a unanimous consensus, underlines an indisputable reality:

Inspired by birds that carried the seeds of this Larch 120 years ago

Thanks to the seeds they carry, birds have played the most important roles in forming nature and natural forest ecosystems in different world geographies over the years. They have been one of the main factors that make nature sustainable.

6,000 seed balls shot on
1.5 football fields in 10 minutes

Turkish social enterprise ecording develops each ecoDrone to operate in harsh weather conditions, lift heavy weights and fly autonomously. ecoDrones can shoot seeds and seed balls in an area the size of an average of 1.5 football fields in each flight and can operate autonomously at an average distance of 3 kilometers from their take-off point.

From the hands of women who labor for nature

For the production of the seed balls shot out of our ecoDrones, we primarily employ women in rural areas who have been negatively affected by the climate crisis. By doing so, we combat the global climate crisis hand in hand with affected communities. Through the production of our seed balls, we have provided sustainable employment to more than 40 laboring women in three different regions. One of our primary goals is to contribute to women’s economic freedom by enabling them to take on roles in the production processes.